Read Billionaire Boy By David Walliams Book Review

Joe Spud is a twelve year old boy, who is overweight and over rich. He has everything you can possibly think of except a friend. What he hates more, whether the fact that he is very rich or whether the fact that his dad got rich by making loo rolls, is a mystery. Joe, who has billions of reasons to be happy and who is the richest twelve year old boy, is however not happy at all.

As the saying goes, that “the road to riches is often very lonely”, fits exactly on the life of Joe. Joe quits his posh school and joins a local school in search of a real friend who loves him for what he is by nature and not by wealth. He even hides the fact that he is very rich from everyone in his new school, so that he can find a real friend who doesn’t want to be with him because of his money. The big question is “How long could Joe keep the fact that he was a billionaire a secret?” What follows is an amazing story filled with humor and mystery and of course a lesson for Joe as well as for the readers.

The book serves well for kids as well as adults. It’s a simple and cute story of friendship, and the value of money versus the value of family. The characters are lovable. It’s a very delightful read and I recommend this book to kids as well as adults who are interested in a light read with mysterious and funny plot. 

Frankly speaking, I have seen people comparing David Walliams with  Roald Dahl, which I wouldn't be doing here because to me, both have done amazing work and both are great authors in my eyes. I have read some books from both the authors, and they both deserve praise and appreciation.

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