Read The Big Switch – It’s Never Too Late By John Thomas Book Review

It’s a story about chasing and living your dreams. Keith Kurien, who is a software engineer in an IT firm and has a girlfriend, is not even close to being happy. Keith wonders whether it’s his career or love life that’s not on track. Eventually he realizes that it’s both his career and love life that needs a change.

Read The Big Switch – It’s Never Too Late By John Thomas Book Review

The story is something that most of us can relate to, especially if you are working in an IT firm or if you are into sports. Most of us are just working for money and are not interested in that work at all. The work may also include unpaid overtime that we devote to our work. Keith is also dealing with these issues. But rather than complaining about his life, he chooses to change it. How he realizes that he needs a change, and what this hardworking and dedicated guy does to change his life, is what this book is all about.

The book is not loaded with motivational slogans to teach you follow your dreams. Rather it does this by example. It also portrays the importance of good friends in your life. Sometimes a good friend is all you need to get and stay motivated towards your goal. The language used in the book is simple and easy to read and understand. 

I do feel that the pace of the story at some places could have been better. I also feel that the story revolves too much around Keith, the main character. The rest of the characters could have been more developed. However, despite of these small issues, it’s still a very good read. So if you are in search of a career oriented motivational fiction book, I would highly recommend this one. 

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