Read Ghost Camera By Darcy Coates Book Review

You must have heard about Ouija boards and spells that are used to contact ghosts and spirits. And you must have heard about haunted houses as well, that are the houses where the ghosts and spirits live. But there's one more category known as "haunted objects". These are the objects that willingly or unwillingly (usually unwillingly) communicate with ghosts and spirits. One such object is portrayed in this well written book and that is a "Ghost Camera".

Read Ghost Camera By Darcy COates Book Review

Janine was not aware of any of this when she stumbled an abandoned Polaroid camera in a lighthouse. When she used this camera to take pictures, she found some ghostly shapes in the photos, which she ignored at first considering them to be glitches or some defect in the camera. But soon the spirits begin to hunt her down. She eventually realized that she has to win a deadly race in order to get rid of the camera's curse. Will Janine be able to free herself from the camera's curse? Read this amazing book to find out.

The readers will be hooked right from the beginning, that I can guarantee. And this is a fast paced and very well written short book, so you won't require too many sittings to finish this one. So go ahead and enjoy this amazing horror book.

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