Read Live-in With A Ghost By Kritika Sharma Book Review

Jia and Jai have a unique love story where she is human and he is a ghost, basically a spirit whose human body is in coma. They meet during an out-of-body experience after an accident. Although from different worlds, she is simple middle-class journalist and he is a rich playboy, they fall in love instantly.

Read Live-in With A Ghost By Kritika Sharma Book Review

During the adventure of their relationship, they both go through various exciting events which include tears, laughter, love and even fighting-off goons. Throughout their relation, the only thing Jia fears is what if he wakes up and forgets her. Whether he wakes up or not, and if he does wake up, whether he remembers her or not is yet to be known.

Let me clear this, that this is not a horror story rather it’s a romantic story. However the story line is different, not like regular everyday romance you read and it is absolutely amazing and intriguing. The characters are pretty cute as well. The writing style is simple and easy to understand. I absolutely loved this book and I urge everyone to read it, especially the fans of fantasy paranormal romance books.

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