Read The Magic Finger By Roald Dahl Book Review

Greggs family have been hunting animals and birds simply for fun, but to the girl living next door, it's absolutely horrible. This girl has a secret of her own. She has a magic finger and when she  gets super angry, her magic finger takes control of her. She has no control on what the magic finger does, but whatever it does, teaches a lesson to the culprits.

Read The Magic Finger By Roald Dahl Book Review

So what happens this time is that the girl's magic finger turns the  Greggs family into birds living in nest and the ducks living in the Gregg's house. But that's not the whole story, in fact that's just the beginning of their trouble.

This is the second book I read from Roald Dahl and I loved both of them. A short and hilarious story with a lesson. The writing style is engaging and funny. The characters are funny as well and the book also includes pictures related to the story. Animal lovers and children book lovers will surely adore this book. So sit back and enter the magical world which Roald Dahl creates for his readers in this book.

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