Read Once Upon A Genie By Durriya Kapasi Book Review

It’s a story of a young girl named Daisy, who lost her only family member left which was her grandmother. While dying Daisy’s grandmother gave her the most memorable gift ever – a genie trapped in a bottle. As Daisy opens the bottle, the genie whose name was Khalil Muwahid and who was a super sexy genie, comes out of the bottle and grants Daisy with three wishes which he will fulfill before he leaves Daisy.

Read Once Upon A Genie By Durriya Kapasi Book Review

However as the time passes by and only after Daisy utilized two of her wishes, Daisy and the genie fell in love with each other and Daisy decides that she will never ask for her third wish so that they can live together forever. However when a close friend of Daisy reaches his deathbed, will Daisy use her third wish to save him? If you want to take a break from the materialistic world outside, if you want to travel to some magical place where this world will never take you to, if you want to become a child again and experience all the magical things, then read this amazing story to enter the astonishing and mesmerizing fantasy world of genies.

The writing style is lovely and magical. The plot is very interesting, which makes the book a real page turner. The characters are developed well and you will certainly fall in love with them. Until this book, the only genie I knew about was Aladdin's genie, which I have read, as well as watched on television. This book creates a different and equally beautiful perspective of genies in my eyes and I must stress on it, that this is a really different love story, compared to  the usual love stories these days.

I loved this book so much that I specifically searched for more genie based fiction books, which I am planning to read and review in the near future. You guys also read this book to enter the magical world of the genie and his love story with Daisy.

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