Read The Ghost By Danielle Steel Book Review

Architect Charles Waterston seems to be living a perfect life, with a wife he loves and a great London based career, until he encounters the sudden end of his ten years of happy marriage. With nothing left to lose, Charlie takes a leave of absence from his regular job and drives through New England.

Read The Ghost By Danielle Steel Book Review

There he finds a home, where resides the journals of a passed away woman, named Sarah Ferguson. A woman, strong of character and heart, through her journals from the late 1700's, helps two present day people to come closer after being heartbroken by previous marriages.

It’s a story about love, heart break and love again. It’s a story about moving on. It’s a love story within a love story, a story about new beginnings. No matter what challenges you are faced with, if you think life is over, then think again. Charles Waterston and Sarah Ferguson will teach you not only to find the courage to fight with the adversities in life, but also to start over again.

The book portrays a wonderful writing style, which is easy to understand and which creates a magical atmosphere. The characters are finely developed. The pace of the story is good enough to keep you engrossed. It had me almost in tears near the ending of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romantic books that portray love after heart break, life in different time periods and hardships.

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