Read What After Money And Fame By Sonia Golani Book Review

Most of the working people like us dream about money and fame, but what it really takes to achieve it and what is it like after actually achieving money and fame, is what this book tells us. The author doesn't just narrates us about her beliefs on the above mentioned questions, rather she manages to answer those questions by interviewing twelve distinguished and powerful personalities in India.

Read What After Money And Fame By Sonia Golani Book Review

The book is well written and is a great stepping stone for all those who are looking forward to achieve great success in life. The book also motivates its readers to donate and contribute to the world by giving something back in return of all that we have gained from the world.

I have read some great reviews about this book from other readers, however some readers are a little disappointed with this book as they wanted the author to stick to the actual question, which is the title of the book, i.e. "What after money and fame?" However I don't feel like that. After all, the purpose of readers reading this book cannot solely be to know what happens after money and fame. Readers like me would also like to know how money and fame has been achieved from these successful people and this book answers these questions very well.

Overall, it's a great book for success chasers and if you are one of them, you wouldn't wanna miss this book.

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