Why Shaadi Free?

I think it's a good time to answer some of the queries my readers have or would have.

Why Shaadi Free?

Why ShaadiFree name?
Well, it might sound a bit funny but I actually chose this name for my blog by mistake. I initially registered this domain for a free matrimonial website for Indians but then I changed my plan and made a book reviews blog instead.

Why use ShaadiFree?
I am an avid book reader and I love to review the books I love, so that my readers can also read those books, which I loved. I won't say my blog would be a go to blog to choose a book to read for everyone. But yes, if our tastes for books match a lot, my book reviews can help you find some amazing books to read.

Who am I?
I am Sunny and belong from the beautiful city of India called "Chandigarh".

What's my authority to rate/review books?
Nothing above yours. In fact same as yours. I review books on GoodReads and on my blog here almost like most of the book readers in todays era.

I hope after elaborating about myself, I am able to spark interest in my readers to come here again and again for more.


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