Read Tender Is The Flesh By Agustine Bazterrica Book Review

The book is about cannibalism, so be prepared for it. An infectious virus has infected all the animals and hence the government has legalized cannibalism, i.e. eating human meat, which they call as "special meat". When Marcos, who keeps himself busy with work, receives a gift, which is a live specimen of the finest quality, he doesn't know what to do with it. Although he is aware that any form of personal contact is prohibited, slowly and steadily he starts to treat her like a human.

Tender Is The Flesh By Agustine Bazterrica Book Review

Although the entire book is written in a very catchy manner that makes the book quite interesting, however the best part of the book is the ending. The ending of the book really got me with its twist. If I have to choose a few words to describe this book, they will be dark, gory, brutal and disturbing. The book is divided in two parts and I can bet both are equally interesting.

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